'Log Private conversations' Enables the logging of private messages or 'whispers'.

'Log channel text' Enables the logging of channel text. For more information on logging function can be found at log-function.

'Display timestamp for messages' displays the time for each message. example:

 (21:23) <Werder> hello how are you 

'Quit NetTalk with X' Clicking the X on the NetTalk window or using the key combination Alt + F4 will close Nettalk completely. Otherwise it will minimize to the system tray.

'Hide windows when minimized' Nettalk only appears in the system tray.

'Remember all open channels' Ensures that when you close the client, all open channels and servers will be saved. The next time you start the program these will then be reopened.

'Automatic Rejoin' If you are kicked from a channel, this will make sure you rejoin automatically, if not banned.

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