Upon receipt of private messages :

'Beep on PC speaker output' is in receipt of a message in private window, or when receiving a whispered message (notice) a sequence set on the PC speaker output. 'Room log text' enabled the add text in the log-file, which is spoken in rooms. Further information on the log function is under the log function. 'Message displayed when running' can be private or whispered messages via the Info bar or the OSD issue, if not disabled.

If your own public messages contain : Nick

This event occurs when the premises of their own Nick as a whole word. The functions are triggered with the 3 above are identical.

Upon receipt of public messages in the following areas: 'Message displayed if checked:' leaves public messages from the spaces in the text box (with Lehrteichen separately) are listed on the Info bar or via the OSD output. The function allows to happen in areas to pursue if you are otherwise on the PC is busy. With the command / public notice is also the function for the space quickly activate and deactivate.

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