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-http://​elda6486.phreesite.com/​high-school-tranby-croft.html high school srop  +global.ConClose = Connection closed 
-http://​temp9925.phreesite.com/​highschool-ceeb-codes.html high school shotput record ​ +global.ConErr = Error 
-http://​elda0468.rack111.com/​south-park-character-version-3.html south park character bio  +global.ConOK = OK 
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-http://pivo3248.freehostplace.com/tax-adviser-magazine.html pontiac enthusiast magazine+global.menValues = Properties 
 +global.menCut = Cut 
 +global.menCopy = Copy 
 +global.menPast = Past 
 +global.menConn = Connect 
 +global.menDis = Disconnect 
 +global.menRooms = Rooms 
 +global.menSend = Send file over DCC 
 +global.menColors = Colours 
 +global.menOpt = Options 
 +global.menFrinds = Friends 
 +global.menHelp = Help 
 +global.menSymbol = Symbol 
 +global.menMenue = Menu 
 +global.menScriptStart = Restart script 
 +global.menScriptStop = Stop script 
 +global.ls1Caption = Caption 
 +global.ls1Server = Server 
 +global.ls1Used = Used 
 +global.ls1State = State 
 +global.ls1Date = Created 
 +global.ls1Auto = Automatic 
 +global.lsServers = Server 
 +global.lsRooms = Rooms 
 +global.lsFrinds = Friends 
 +global.lsScript = Script 
 +global.ls2Name = Name 
 +global.ls2User = User 
 +global.ls2Topic = Topic 
 +global.ls3FileName = Filename 
 +global.ls3Progres = Progress 
 +global.ls3Speed = KB/
 +global.ls3Time = Time 
 +global.ls3Size = Size 
 +global.ls3User = User 
 +global.ls3Path = Path 
 +global.ls4Nick = Nick 
 +global.ls4State = State 
 +global.ls4Server = Server 
 +global.ls4Online = Online 
 +global.ls5Maske = Mask 
 +global.ls5Von = From 
 +global.ls5Vor = Since 
 +global.cClientMsg = Client message 
 +global.cErrMsg = Error message 
 +global.cNickW = Nick (whispered) 
 +global.cLink = Link 
 +global.cText = Standard text 
 +global.cNickN = Nick (standard) 
 +global.cNotice = Notice 
 +global.cMSG = Server message 
 +global.chMSG = Leaved message 
 +global.ccHG = Main text background 
 +global.ctUserL = User list text 
 +global.cULHG = Background ​of the user list 
 +global.cTextF = Send text field text 
 +global.cTextFHG = Send text field background 
 +global.cTimeStamp = Timestamps 
 +global.cOwnNick = Own nick 
 +global.oGeneral = General 
 +global.oMsgs = Messages 
 +global.oConnections = Connections 
 +global.oShortcuts = Shortcuts 
 +global.oApp = Appearance 
 +global.oPlugins = Plugins 
 +global.opPos1 = Top right 
 +global.opPos2 = Top left 
 +global.NewCTitel = Connection1 
 +global.fFunction = Function 
 +global.fOn = activated 
 +global.fOff = deactivated 
 +global.FrindOnline = %n1 is online 
 +global.scrTimeout = Script doesn'​t answer. Do you want terminate it? 
 +global.SearchResults = Search results 
 +global.TimeOut = Server timeout 
 +global.TopicSet = %n1 set the topic 
 +global.Ignore = %n1 has been added to ignore list 
 +global.UnIgnore = %n1 has been removed from ignore list 
 +global.screload = There is a new ShortCut.txt,​ do you want to replace the old one with it? 
 +global.ConRemove = Do you want to keep this connection in your server list? 
 +global.away = %n1 is away 
 +global.WhoisRealName = Realname 
 +global.WhoisHostMask = Hostmask 
 +global.WhoisList = Whois list of %n1 
 +global.WhoisRegedAs = %n1 is authed as %n2 
 +global.WhoisIn = %n1 is on 
 +global.WhoisServer = Server 
 +global.WhoisIdle = Idle time 
 +global.WhoisSO = Signon time 
 +global.WhoisReged = %n1 is a registered nick 
 +global.Founded = Topic was set by %n1 in %at %3 
 +global.Invite = %n1 invites you to %2 
 +global.bezChannel = Channel 
 +global.bezUser = User 
 +global.bezGlobal = General 
 +Form1.Label1 = Events: 
 +Form1.mDatei = &File 
 +Form1.menSaveText = &Save text as... 
 +Form1.menExConns = &Export connections... 
 +Form1.menImConns = &Import connections... 
 +Form1.menOEdit = Properties 
 +Form1.menQuit = &Quit 
 +Form1.menHtrennen = Disconnect 
 +Form1.menHverbinden = Connect 
 +Form1.menHneu = New... 
 +Form1.menHcopy = Create copy 
 +Form1.menHedit = Edit 
 +Form1.menHdel = Delete 
 +Form1.menHprop = Properties 
 +Form1.menHlog = Show log 
 +Form1.menHpublicnotice = Show notices 
 +Form1.menHsilent = Inactive 
 +Form1.menHclose = Close 
 +Form1.menH2copy = Copy 
 +Form1.menH2copytime = Copy with time 
 +Form1.menH2past = Past selected text 
 +Form1.menH2scroll = Scroll down 
 +Form1.menH2edit = Open text 
 +Form1.menH2show = Show text in browser 
 +Form1.menH2prop = Properties 
 +Form1.menH2Sub = Additional commands 
 +Form1.menH3private = Private chat 
 +Form1.menH3wisper = Whisper 
 +Form1.menH3Sub = Additional commands 
 +Form1.menH3dccc = DCC private chat 
 +Form1.menH3file = DCC Send file... 
 +Form1.menH3filepast = DCC send picture 
 +Form1.menH3copyname = Copy name 
 +Form1.menH4open = Open &​window 
 +Form1.menH4ibalken = Activate &info window 
 +Form1.menH4oncreeen = Activate &OSD 
 +Form1.menH4stumm = &​Silent 
 +Form1.menH4options = Options 
 +Form1.menH4script = Edit script 
 +Form1.menH4quit = &Quit 
 +Form1.menH6retry = continue 
 +Form1.menH6disconn = Cancel 
 +Form1.menH6brake = Slow mode 
 +Form1.menH6open = Open 
 +Form1.menH6opendir = Open folder 
 +Form1.menH6del = Remove 
 +Form1.menH6alldel = Remove all disconnected 
 +Form1.menH6values = Properties 
 +Form1.menH7private = Private chat 
 +Form1.menH7refresh = Refresh 
 +Form1.menH7del = Delete 
 +Form1.mBearbeiten = &Edit 
 +Form1.menBcut = Cut 
 +Form1.menBcopy = Copy 
 +Form1.menBpast = Past 
 +Form1.menBdel = Delete 
 +Form1.menBsearch = Search... 
 +Form1.mVerbindungen = &​Connections 
 +Form1.mVnewIRC = New IRC connection... 
 +Form1.mVnewtpc = Create TCP/IP connection..
 +Form1.menScript = S&​cript 
 +Form1.menSEdit = Edit 
 +Form1.menSStart = Restart script 
 +Form1.menSStop = Stop script 
 +Form1.menSImport = Import 
 +Form1.menSExport = Export 
 +Form1.menHilfe = &? 
 +Form1.menHilfeHilfe = &Help 
 +Form1.menHilfeUpdate = &​Updates... 
 +Form1.menHilfeInfo = Inf&o 
 +Form1.menLangw = L&​anguage 
 +Form2.Command4 = Complete 
 +Form2.Check1 = Start connection 
 +Form2.Label12 = Commands after the login*: 
 +Form2.Command2 = Next > 
 +Form2.Label13 = Server password*:​ 
 +Form2.Label6 = Real name*: 
 +Form2.Label8 = User-ID*: 
 +Form2.Label9 = Nick-name: 
 +Form2.Label7 = Password*: 
 +Form2.Check2 = Create invisible connection 
 +Form2.Check3 = UTF-
 +Form2.Label1 = IP or server name: 
 +Form2.Label3 = Server port: 
 +Form2.Label5 = Connection caption: 
 +Form2.Command1 = < Back 
 +Form2.Option1 = Use the name of the network 
 +Form2.Option2 = Set the name of the connection 
 +Form5.Check25 = DCC auto accept 
 +Form5.Check24 = Activate local DCC server 
 +Form5.Check23 = Use secondary IP for DCC connections 
 +Form5.Check12 = Automatic reconnect 
 +Form5.Check19 = Use basic DCC port: 
 +Form5.Label29 = Port: 
 +Form5.Label2 = sec retry 
 +Form5.Label1 = Every 
 +Form5.Label26 = sec 
 +Form5.Label24 = IRC timeout: 
 +Form5.Command15 = Properties 
 +Form5.Command14 = Refresh 
 +Form5.Command12 = Delete 
 +Form5.Command11 = Start 
 +Form5.Command10 = Stop 
 +Form5.Label14 = List: 
 +Form5.Command16 = Save... 
 +Form5.Check18 = Bold 
 +Form5.Check17 = Use background picture 
 +Form5.Command7 = Change... 
 +Form5.Label8 = Skins: 
 +Form5.Label20 = List fonts... 
 +Form5.Label19 = Font size: 
 +Form5.Label17 = Font name: 
 +Form5.Label18 = Direction:​ 
 +Form5.Label16 = Colour: 
 +Form5.Command6 = Down 
 +Form5.Command5 = Up 
 +Form5.Command18 = < Back 
 +Form5.Command19 = New 
 +Form5.Command20 = Remove 
 +Form5.Label13 = Refer: 
 +Form5.Label12 = Shortcut: 
 +Form5.Label11 = Menue title: 
 +Form5.Label9 = Commands: 
 +Form5.Check22 = Show notices if activated 
 +Form5.Check21 = Play wave file 
 +Form5.Check20 = Sound over PC-speaker 
 +Form5.Check16 = Show notices if activated 
 +Form5.Check13 = Sound over PC-speaker  
 +Form5.Check14 = Play wave file 
 +Form5.Check15 = Show notices if activated 
 +Form5.Label4 = In this rooms show each message: 
 +Form5.Label28 = If messages include the own nick: 
 +Form5.Label3 = Incoming of private messages: 
 +Form5.Check11 = Automatic rejoin 
 +Form5.Check6 = Recall room lists at start 
 +Form5.Check5 = Automatic rejoin in rooms at start 
 +Form5.Check4 = Automatic Reconnect at start 
 +Form5.Check10 = Hide window if minimized 
 +Form5.Check9 = Quit Nettalk with X 
 +Form5.Check8 = Show timestamp ​for events 
 +Form5.Check7 = Show timestamp for messages 
 +Form5.Check2 = Log room text 
 +Form5.Check1 = Log private text 
 +Form5.Label5 = Path: 
 +Form5.Check3 = Use a Sock-Proxy: 
 +Form5.Check26 = Show in submenue 
 +Form5.Label6 = Maximum size of the log in kbyte: 
 +Form7.Label8 = Max KByte/sec: 
 +Form7.Label7 = Peer: 
 +Form7.Label6 = Remaining time: 
 +Form7.Label5 = Speed: 
 +Form7.Label4 = transferred: 
 +Form7.Label3 = File size: 
 +Form7.Label2 = File path: 
 +Form7.Label1 = Packet size:(Byte) 
 +Form7.Label21 = File name 
 +Form8.Command4 = Remove 
 +Form8.Command5 = Edit... 
 +Form8.Command6 = New... 
 +Form8.Check1(6) = Use a password: 
 +Form8.Check1(5) = Hide this channel in the channel list  (+s) 
 +Form8.Check1(4) = Hide this channel in /whois  (+p) 
 +Form8.Check1(3) = Moderated ​ (+m) 
 +Form8.Check1(2) = Allowes only invited user to join  (+i) 
 +Form8.Check1(1) = Only internal messages ​ (+n) 
 +Form8.Check1(0) = Only OPs are allowed to change topic  (+t) 
 +Form8.Label2 = Channel properties: 
 +Form8.Label1 = Banned User: 
 +## Commands ## 
 +0/msg Nick|Channel{$nick+room} Text 'Send private message 
 +0/mode Nick|Channel{$nick+room} [+|-]Property{+o;​-o;+v;-v;​+i;​-i;​+h;​-h;​+a;​-a;​+q;​-q;​+h;​-b;​+k;​-k} Parameter{$nick} 
 +0/kick Channel{$room} Nick{$nick} [Reason] 'Kick someone 
 +0/list [>User-minimum] 'List channels 
 +0/part Channel{$room} 'Leave shannel 
 +0/quit [Message]{$quitmsg} 'Close connection 
 +0/topic Channel{$room} Text{$topic} 'Set channel topic 
 +0/invite Nick Channel{$room} '​Invite a user 
 +0/join Channel{$lastrooms} [Key] 'Join a channel 
 +0/notice Nick{$nick} Text '​Whisper 
 +0/userhost Nick{$nick} 'Show the IP of a user 
 +0/away Notice 
 +0/reg Password E-Mailadress '​Register nick 
 +0/ident [Password] '​identify [with standard password] 
 +0/ctcp Nick|Raum{$nick+room} Befehl{finger;​version;​ping;​time} [Parameter] 
 +0/whois Nick{$nick} 'Show who and where the user is 
 +0/amsg Text 'Send a message to each channel ​on the server 
 +0/watch Nick{$nick} 'Add a user to the friends list 
 +0/setquitmsg Message{$quitmsg} 'Set the quit message 
 +0/setfinger Text{$finger} 'Store information ​for other users 
 +0/chanproperties 'Show channel properties 
 +0/debann User{$banned} 'unban a user 
 +0/kickban Nick{$nick} [Reason] 'Kick and ban a user 
 +0/debug '​Activate/deactivate debugmode 
 +0/regchan Channel{$room} Password Description '​Register channel 
 +0/who Nick|Raum{$nick+room} 'Show information abount a user 
 +0/whowas Nick{$nick} 'Show information abount a disconnected user 
 +0/kill Nick{$nick} '​Disconnect a user 
 +0/kline Nick{$nick} 'Ban a user or a adress range from server 
 +0/gline Nick{$nick} 'Ban a user or a adress range from network 
 +0/unkline Nick{$nick} 'Deban a user or a adress range from server 
 +0/ungline Nick{$nick} 'Deban a user or a adress range from network 
 +0/userip Nick{$nick} 'Show the IP of a users 
 +0/chartset Number{1252_West;​1255_Hebrew;​1256_Arab;​1253_Greek;​1254_Turkish;​1257_Baltic;​1250_Central_European;​1251_Cyrillic} 
 +0/utf8 Number{0_off;​1_on} 
 +0/quote Command 'Send a command unmodified to the server 
 +0/me Text  
 +0/query Nick{$nick} [Text] 'Open a private window 
 +0/dcc Mode{chat;​send} Nick{$nick} [Path] '​send ​-> File send, chat -> DCC-Chat connection 
 +0/connect '​Connect 
 +0/disconnect '​Disconnect 
 +0/cvalues 'Show connection properties 
 +0/nick Nick '​Change your nick 
 +0/publicnotice '​Private massage notification in this channel 
 +0/coding '​Activate the text coding 
 +0/setcode Passwort 'Set the code word for the text coding 
 +0/ignore User{$nick} '​Ignore a user 
 +0/unignore User{$nick} 'Stop Ignoring a user 
 +0/bann Nick{$nick} 'Ban a IP 
 +0/busy [0|1]{1;0} '​Activate the "I’m busy" mode 
 +0/showclones Nick{$nick} 'Show all users with the same IP 
 +3/dconnect Server [Port] '​Starts a connection without protocol 
 +3/call Sub_name [Arguments] 'call a script-function 
 +3/search Text '​Search for a text part 
 +3/calc Term '​Calculate a expression 
 +3/shellapp File-name/url 'Run application/​open URL 
 +3/open URL{$servers} 'open a chat connection (irc|Nettalk|dcc://[Nick[:​Pass]@]Server[:​Port]/Channel/​[User Text]) 
 +3/update '​Check ​for an application update 
 +3/info 'Show info screen 
 +3/version 'Show Nettalk version 
 +3/showlog User|Channel{$nick+room} 'Shows the log for a user/​channel 
 +3/logview User|Channel{$nick+room} 'Shows the log for a user/channel 
 +3/searchlog Word '​Search for a word in the complete log 
 +3/values [Index]{1_General;​2_Messages;​3_Connections;​4_Shortcuts;​5_Appearance;​6_Plugins} 'Show options 
 +3/script 'Show script 
 +3/hide 'Hide Nettalk 
 +3/​startscript '​Restart script 
 +3/​stopscript 'Stop script 
 +3/​setdccserver [Port] '​Start(with the given port)/stop DCC server 
 +3/secip '​Switch between local Port und router port (for DCC) 
 +3/silent '​Don'​t play sounds 
 +3/osdmode '​Activate/​deactivate OSD modus 
 +3/playbeep 'Play signal over PC-Speaker 
 +3/getbeep 'Show signal sequence 
 +3/setbeep Sequence 'Set signal sequence (Hz/​msec ​ eg800/50 900/50 700/50 800/50) 
 +3/​setdccpath [Pfad] 'Set DCC-Path 
 +3/showtime 'Show the time for every message 
 +3/server Server [Port] 'Start conenction to an IRC-Server 
 +3/smsg Text 'Send a message to each opend channel on each server 
 +3/help 'Show help 
 +3/cls 'Clear screen 
 +3/print Text 'Write text 
 +3/shortcut Caption Command 'Add command to shortcuts 

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