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 +====== News ======
 +__** Upon receipt of private messages :**__
 +** 'Beep on PC speaker output'​ ** is in receipt of a message in private window, or when receiving a whispered message (notice) a sequence set on the PC speaker output.
 +** 'Room log text' ** enabled the add text in the [[log | log-file]], which is spoken in rooms. Further information on the log function is under the log function.
 +** '​Message displayed when running'​ ** can be private or whispered messages via the [[Text Insertion | Info bar]] or the [[OSD]] issue, if not disabled.
 +__** If your own public messages contain :**__ Nick
 +This event occurs when the premises of their own Nick as a whole word. The functions are triggered with the 3 above are identical.
 +** Upon receipt of public messages in the following areas: **
 +** '​Message displayed if checked:'​ ** leaves public messages from the spaces in the text box (with Lehrteichen separately) are listed on the [[Text Insertion | Info bar]] or via the OSD output. The function allows to happen in areas to pursue if you are otherwise on the PC is busy. With the command / public notice is also the function for the space quickly activate and deactivate.

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