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Nettalk is a powerful but easy to use free (open source) IRC-client for Windows. The smart user interface is based on Windows standards, so it is easy to get used to it. The following languages for the interface are available: English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and German.

Nettalk is out now!

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  • Comfortable management of many IRC-connections
  • Automatic command completion
  • Automatic syntax completion
  • Automatic nick completion
  • Text de/encryption
  • Spelling check
  • Script support (with Basic-syntax)
  • Plug-in support
  • On Screen displaying of messages (e.g. in games)
  • Displaying of messages during working in Windows.
  • Automatic storing of connections and there properties including opened channels
  • DCC chat und file trasfer
  • Unicode by using UTF-8 for chans, nicks and text
  • Sock proxy support
  • Easy configurable text and menu shortcuts
  • Configurable colors and background image
  • And much more...

Change log

Version 6.7.16 (30.10.2012)
  • A bug that crashes Nettalk 6.7.15 when pushing Ctr+A has been fixed

Version 6.7.15 (29.10.2012)
  • The script size limitation of 64 kByte has been removed
  • The update-tool is now in English language

Version 6.7.14 (11.03.2012)
  • Language files are now in Unicode encoded. The new file extension is *.ulng
  • A problem with displaying non-Latin alphabets in the connection and option dialog has been
  • A bug has been fixed that caused crashing Nettalk when showing the log on systems that
    uses specific date formats
  • The automatic limiting function for listing channels has been removed because of
    incompatibility to some ircds

Version 6.7.13 (01.01.2012)
  • Nettalk tolerates now multiple whitespaces between arguments in server messages
  • To select text Contr+A can be used now
  • Notices that are addressed to more than one user are marked now

Version 6.7.12 (27.04.2011)
  • In version 6.7.11 an error avoid the support for non-ASCII-chars without using UTF-8.

Version 6.7.11 (11.04.2011)
  • Nettalk uses now FlashWindow on incoming messages when minimized
  • A problem that causes inaccurate drawing of the Nettalk icon on some systems is has
    been solved
  • Nettalk saves now the WindowState maximized if nettalk is quitted in hidden state

News (15.01.2011)
  • Nettalk is now in Italian and French language avalibal

Version 6.7.10 (13.12.2010)
  • Nettalk uses now the server suggested prefixes for indicating channel-rights in the user list.

Version 6.7.9 (28.11.2010)
  • SOCK-4a is now supported. That allows to resolve hostnames by the proxy-server
  • Now the script editor supports more than 32768 characters
  • SkipEvent can be used in Chan_NickChange now, e.g. for hiding nick-changes

Version 6.7.8 (03.08.2010)
  • A bug was fixed that alows to crash Nettalk targeted if it is connected to a purposely
    prepared Server

Version 6.7.7 (04.04.2010)
  • A bug that displayed messages on the sender- side twice when they are longer than 460

Version 6.7.6 (26.03.2010)
  • A bug of the scriptfunktion "time" has been fixed

Version 6.7.5 (20.03.2010)
  • A bug of version 6.7.5 has been fixed that replaces the current user id and real name
    by the current nick

Version 6.7.4 (17.03.2010)
  • A new feature has been added that allows to find commands without knowing it's name by
    using keywords: /?
  • A bug has been fixed that could lead in some cases to corrupted files when resuming a
    DCC file transfer.
  • With the command /search its possible now to search in channel lists.
  • Some smaller issues has been fixed and cosmetic adjustment concerning Windows 7
    has been made.

Version 6.6.5 (06.05.2009)
  • A bug was fixed that makes Nettalk crash if a script calls the script-command PhraseData.
  • New script-events for handling DCC file transfers has been added (Dcc_Created,
    Dcc_Connected, Dcc_Complet and Dcc_Error).

Version 6.6.4 (26.04.2009)
  • DCC function is written completely new. Much faster file transfers are possible now with
    minimal CPU and hard disk usage.
  • Processing of incoming UTF8 and ASCII text has been improved. It?s faster now and consumes
    less CPU usage.
  • Text buffer has been increased (more lines).
  • You can navigate now with Tab key in the nick completion list.
  • A bug that allows Nettalk to crash by a prepared message has been fixed.
  • You can use now Page up/down key without changing focus.
  • Some other smaller bugs has been fixed