Nettalk functionality

Here is a small list of functionality that you can find in Nettalk.

  • Nickname tab completion
  • Command completion
  • Logging
  • Encryption
  • Shortcuts
  • System tray icons
  • UTF-8 Support

Nickname tab completion:

This allows you to partially type in a username in the channel, and will autocomplete the nickname when you press the „tab“ button on your keyboard.

Command completion:

With automatic code completion you can enter commands in a more efficient way. For example: /mode #nettalk tomas +h can be shortened to simply /, and scrolling down for the needed command. Alternatively one can type a few characters of the desired command, which will then automatically be highlighted. Spacebar selects the highlighted command, and Enter sends it to the channel.


Nettalk provides a convenient logging option for private and public conversations. A maximum filesize for the logfile can be set in the Nettalk settings. If the maximum size has been reached, the log will be overwritten with the new data. To view the log, the /logview 'nick' can be used, or /logview #channelname. One can also right click on the chat area and choose 'Showlog'.


The encryption mode allows text to be sent encrypted, in public, and private chat windows. If the other chat user is not using a client that supports encryption, or does not have the encryption passphrase, they will see something like:

<chriss> [NTCTC001 | s # j8avxt5p9fcat3ve? Bcbfz]

To enable and disable encryption, use the command “/coding“. The decoding will then take place automatically when needed. To set the passphrase for encryption, the command /setcode 'password' is used. This passphrase should not be less than 7 characters in length and all known chatpartners must have it. These settings are specific per server, and are saved on exit.


It's possible to define your own shortcut keys in Nettalk. One could write a command /eating, which would broadcast the following to the channel: bye guys, I am now eating. This can be done in the options menu, under shortcuts.

System tray icons:

The system tray icons change, depending on the network or channel status.

Icon Description
There has been a status change in one of the open channels (join/quit)
Something has been said in one of the open channels
Something was said in your currently selected channel
You have been disconnected from the IRC server
Your nickname was mentioned in the channel
You have been sent a private message (Query or Notice)

UTF-8: With the help of UTF-8 Unicode character support, more languages, such as cyrillic, or greek can be used in Nettalk. When creating a server connection one can select the UTF-8 option. UTF-8 support is valid for all nicknames, channels, and text. To enable this setting on the fly, type: /utf8 1, and to disable this option on the fly, type: /utf8 0

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