Now there exists two english start-pages, one of them I moved here:

The Nettalk Documentation

You are at the start of the English language documentation. (See here for the German wiki.)

The documentation is still under construction. Anyone interested is invited to participate in the improvement of the documentation. The English section, in particular, needs a large part of the original German wiki to be translated.

The official IRC channel for Nettalk and the Nettalk wiki is: irc://

What is Nettalk?

Nettalk is a powerful IRC client, which allows you to use the IRC protocol over the Internet to communicate with others also using IRC, in different channels on different servers. The Nettalk client allows you to connect to multiple channels for each server you connect to, and also to many servers at once, all from within a single application run under Windows.

For more information concerning the IRC protocol and IRC in general, there is Mehr....


Settings and Use




All documentation of the Wiki software used (DocuWiki) is in English.

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